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Gro(o)ters family from Winterswijk

This is the tree for the Gro(o)ters family with it's root in Winterswijk, that are descendents from Gerrit Tonnissen, assumed grandfather of Rutger Tushuizen - the person truely known to be the root of the Grooters Family in Winterswijk.

The data is up to date as on 27-Dec-2012

The site is not yet perfect, sources and notes are somewhat mangled at the moment.
I apologize for possible inconvenience.
Thanks to the contributors
Mr. L. E. Grooters (US) - who triggerred investigations and supplied USA data on his branch of the family.
Mr. R. Broekhuizen (NL) - who supplied the main data for the web.His grandmother's name was GROOTERS - but unrelated
Mr. J.H. Wisman (NL) - who shared the results of his (hugh) investigations on the family tree. His grandmother's maiden name was GROTERS
Mrs. S. M. Biddle (US) - who supplied USA data on her branch of the family. Her maidenname is GROOTERS.
Mrs. N. U. Decker (US) - who supplied USA data on her branch of the family. Her husband is a GROTERS descendant.
Mr. H. J. M. Wijers (NL) - who supplied enhancements.
Mrs. I. Groters - who supplied enhancements.
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